24 July 2023

A waddling of ducks found themselves a little far from the pond last week.

Trapped in an old mill vat with no way out, the ducks were desperate for help. Thank goodness someone noticed their muffled quacks!

RSPCA WA was called to the site on Barnfield road in Claremont to rescue the stuck ducks. The inspector, however, realised she needed help and called on the assistance of four firefighters from the nearby Claremont station. 

Working in tandem, the five rescuers broke open a connected metal chute using tools and a crowbar in the hopes of freeing them. 

Unfortunately, three ducks had already passed away prior to the rescue, and one scrambled and flew away the first moment they could. 

The two remaining ducks were promptly taken to a native animal rescue facility to get checked by a vet. Hopefully this quack-ccident doesn't happen again!