22 November 2013

RSPCA Inspectors today seized more than 70 animals from a property in the outskirts of Perth. The animals included sheep, dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs and rabbits.

more than 70 animals found living in filthy conditions 2013Some of the animals were left with no food or water and were wallowing in filthy conditions.

This comes after RSPCA Inspectors seized 50 cats from a separate Perth property after animals were found living in appalling conditions just 10 days ago.

"We were shocked to receive another report about a significant amount of animals living in appalling conditions inside of two weeks," RSPCA CEO David van Ooran said.

The RSPCA's shelter was originally built to accommodate 170 animals and today's operation takes the total number of animals in RSPCA's care to over 370 animals which has stretched the charity's resources to the limit.

"We are currently experiencing a crisis with more than twice the amount of animals normally in our care," Mr van Ooran said.

"Many of these animals are a result of irresponsible breeders and will require extensive medical treatment and long term care. Currently, on average, it costs us $15 a day to provide basic needs for each animal, which does not include costs for veterinary medicines.

"We are calling on the public to urgently help us with donations, to help fund urgent treatment and accommodation to house the influx of animals and we are looking for foster carers.

"It is critical that the public continues to report these matters to the RSPCA because without the support of our community we cannot continue to respond to these calls for help and rescue animals from these appalling conditions," Mr van Ooran said.

Anyone wishing to donate to the RSPCA's animal crisis appeal to help during this crisis period can ring 1300 777 221 or donate online.