17 October 2019

The welfare of farm animals is of growing interest to the Australian community.

This was revealed in a Federal Department of Agriculture report released late last year that found 95% of Australians are concerned about farm animal welfare, with little difference in attitude between people from capital cities or regional areas.

RSPCA regularly receives inquiries from the public who want to know more about the welfare of production animals in Australian farming, and how they can support producers meeting higher animal welfare standards.

Now, to meet increasing demand for more information, RSPCA has launched a new educational podcast series to help people find out about all things to do with farm animal welfare, food and farming in Australia.

Hosted by writer, producer and director Brian Daly, the podcasts have really taken off with plays from all Australian States and even the USA, Canada, Spain and Argentina.

The most popular episode is “How are farm animals slaughtered in Australia and should we be concerned,” followed by:

  • The deal with veal, and how we can improve bobby calf welfare.
  • What is humane food?
  • Why cage free will help end the battery cage.
  • How a supermarket can lead the way in improving pig welfare.
  • What is RSPCA Approved?
  • Better chicken welfare – where has the industry come from?

We’re working on the development of a second podcast series that will be available for listening very soon. If you have a suggestion for a topic that you think the public could know more about, please get in touch with us.

The podcasts can be found here, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.