8 May 2014

Lost peacock found by inspector 2014RSPCA Inspectors were called into action this week for a slightly more unusual cry for help when a report was received about a juvenile peacock found wandering the streets of Westminster.

Thankfully an Inspector was in the area and able to respond immediately and the creature is recovering well from its ordeal and in care at the RSPCA Animal Care Centre in Malaga. RSPCA is now seeking to find the peacock's owner.

RSPCA Chief Inspector Amanda Swift said "It's not every day that we are called out for a peacock, certainly not in suburbia. People do need to ensure that they are adhering to local council laws in relation to the type of animal and housing that can be legally required when keeping animals such as a peacock, or more commonly, chickens. These animals do have specific space and husbandry needs."

Anyone who has recently lost a peacock can inquire about the animal by contacting the RSPCA on 9209 9300. The peacock in safe hands at the RSPCA's Animal Care Centre.