11 June 2014

The latest report was of two dogs that were poisoned with snail pellets in a suburban home in Singleton on Monday. The owner was advised to euthanase the animals due to there being no chance of recovery.

Today the RSPCA received another report of a dog being poisoned in a residential home in Roleystone. This comes after the owners' other dog died from poisoning just four weeks earlier.

In the past six months alone, RSPCA has investigated 29 cases of dogs being poisoned, seven cases of cat poisonings and five poisonings of birds and wildlife.

"Poisoning animals can lead to a slow and agonising death. It is a specific offence under the Animal Welfare Act and if a person is caught and prosecuted for this offence, they can face a penalty of up to $50,000 and five years in prison," Chief Inspector Amanda Swift said.

"In order for RSPCA to prosecute we are calling on anyone who has any information or has witnessed any suspicious behaviour, to urgently call the RSPCA on their cruelty hotline 1300 CRUELTY," she said.

If you suspect your pet has been poisoned they need to be taken to the nearest veterinary clinic immediately.