21 December 2012

RSPCA Inspectors carried out a major operation on Wednesday 20 December, in suburban Perth.

132 animals were seized from a property under the Animal Welfare Act 2002.

All of the animals are currently in our care and include cats, rabbits and birds, many of which require immediate veterinary attention.

Due to the huge influx of animals, the RSPCA’s Malaga headquarters has had to temporarily suspend its adoption and retail services, but is now operating as normal, part from being unable to adopt out any cats.

“This appears to be a sad and unfortunate situation. I want to pay tribute to the work of RSPCA Inspectors,” RSPCA CEO David van Ooran said.

“Our Inspectors worked all day and through the night to make sure the 132 animals that were located at the property were safe in RSPCA care. Our shelter staff also worked through the night to look after the animals and make them comfortable.

“The public can help the RSPCA via donations which will help purchase enrichment toys for the cats, rabbits and birds which are likely to remain in RSPCA care for some time.” RSPCA CEO David van Ooran said.