13 November 2013

More than 50 cats are removed from a property in Perth's suburbs after reports of appalling conditions.

RSPCA Inspectors today conducted a major operation seizing a large number of cats from a suburban Perth property after receiving a complaint about a number of cats allegedly living in appalling conditions.

cats found living in appalling conditionsThe RSPCA began the operation early this morning and seized 49 cats from the property under the Animal Welfare Act 2002 and took them back to RSPCA for veterinary examination and treatment.

Upon arrival at the property, RSPCA Inspectors found rotten food covered in maggots, rancid water and a strong smell of cat urine and faeces, which covered the floor and the walls.

The cats were allegedly locked in cages, some outside and some inside the house on the property, with some of the animals showing signs of infections, illnesses and other injuries.

"This is one of the worst cases our inspectors have ever come across," RSPCA Chief Inspector Amanda Swift said.

RSPCA Inspectors are continuing their investigations.

The Cat Haven and Oscar's Law are providing assistance to the RSPCA.