14 March 2014

***Warning: images and content in this media release are of a graphic nature ***

With local authorities and the community calling out for help, in January this year, RSPCA responded by visiting the town to meet with key stakeholders across the community, including the Shire of Broome, WA Police, local veterinarians and local animal rescue group SAFE to understand the situation.

In consultation with these groups and with particular support and assistance from the Shire of Broome, the RSPCA has developed a proposal to assist in the prevention of cruelty to animals in the area and improved education around responsible pet ownership.

RSPCA CEO David van Ooran said "Four key strategies have been developed based on the consultations held with these key groups within the community. These strategies include effective community education and a regulatory compliance function in the area. We believe it is vital for the success of the proposal that all parties work together in partnership to bring about improved animal welfare solutions for the people of Broome and the West Kimberley.

The good news is there is a solution and we have had some good positive discussions with the state government already."

In a graphic presentation of findings from the area, Chief Inspector Amanda Swift said "We believe through education many of these situations could be avoided and we are keen to be able to assist the local shires and the community to bring about significant positive change."

The total cost of the plan is just over $900,000 per annum over 4 years and would include 4 roles for the area including two General Inspectors, a Community Relations Coordinator and Education Officer.

RSPCA stands ready to move on the proposal as soon as sufficient funding can be confirmed and would like to thank key local stakeholders that include the Shire of Broome, WA Police, local veterinarians and animal rescue group - SAFE Broome for their special efforts to raise awareness of the issues and who have made valued contributions throughout the consultation process.

Broome media release 2014