9 July 2014

RSPCA is seeking an understanding family who is willing to give a lot of love and spend some quality time with a very special dog.

Thankfully, concerned members of the public called the RSPCA and Inspectors were able to rescue Bobbi and take her to the nearest veterinary hospital for emergency treatment. Further investigations showed Bobbi had injuries so severe she had to have her right hind leg amputated.

Bobbi amputated leg 2014After more than 3 months of specialist care and training at the RSPCA, Bobbi is ready for a new start. To ensure that Bobbi finds her sweetest match, RSPCA's experienced team have developed a profile for the home that Bobbi needs;

  • active family who will walk her for 45 minutes twice a day
  • someone who will commit to take her to RSPCA Dog Training classes
  • provide calm and consistent reassurance and training
  • must be an integral part of the family and be able to spend time indoors
  • Bobbi would like a family where someone is home part-time
  • Bobbi needs a home without cats

"Bobbi is a sweet, affectionate and energetic young girl. She is very loving and would blossom with a family who will make her an integral part of the household, said Chief Inspector Amanda Swift.

"We are certainly seeking someone who can commit to her exercise needs and provide her with consistent and positive training methods. She really is a special dog, she is very sweet natured and her recovery has been incredible given what she has been through.

"We have been horrified to see more than a 100% increase in deliberate cruelty in Perth in the last six months or so and it always amazes us that these animals can go through terrible ordeals and, with intensive care, can recover so well. The sweetest day of the year will be when Bobbi finds her loving new home" she said.

People interested in adopting Bobbi can view her profile at www.adoptapet.com.au or visit her at the RSPCA WA Animal Care Centre in Malaga. 

RSPCA are continuing investigations in to the alleged bashing.

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Bobbi's Pet Profile

Bobbi is an energetic and enthusiastic young lady with a bright future ahead of her! She can't wait to settle in with an active family who will allow her to be inside the house with them. She may only have 3 legs, but she is full of beans so will need to be walked twice daily for 45 minutes.

Dog training will be great for Bobbi. Not only will it improve her manners and socialisation, but will also help you to form a special bond with her. Positive training methods will set you and Bobbi on the right path to success! Our awesome Dog training team will be happy have a chat about this with you.

Ideally Bobbi would like a family where someone is home part-time. Like most dogs, Bobbi will get bored if left home alone with nothing to do. To keep her mind active she will need plenty of mental and environmental stimulation. This can be in the form of toys and food-dispensing items such as treatballs or puzzles.

Bobbi can get a little bouncy when excited so will need a home where the children are at least 13 years old and a home without cats. Bobbi loves other dogs and is best matched with dogs of her size and energy level. If you think Bobbi may be perfect for your family, pop by our Animal Care Centre!

People interested in adopting Bobbi can view her profile at www.adoptapet.com.au or visit her at the RSPCA WA Animal Care Centre in Malaga. The Animal Care Centre is open from 10am-5pm 7 days a week.