16 October 2018

A Thornlie woman was sentenced today in Armadale Magistrates Court following her recent conviction on animal cruelty charges. The charges related to her dog, Lily, who was seized by an RSPCA Inspector in April, 2018.

The woman has been fined $5,000, and, in addition, is required to pay total costs of $764.02 (legal costs of $184.20, and a compensation order of $579.82). She is also prohibited from being in contact with any animal for three years.

Lily has been forfeited to the Crown, and will be rehomed pending a 28-day appeal period. She has been in RSPCA care since April 2018 and has made a slow but full recovery.

On 11 April 2018, a RSPCA Inspector attended a Thornlie property following cruelty reports from concerned members of the public. On arrival, the Inspector found Lily, a Staffy cross, in a very poor condition with her spine, hips and ribs clearly visible.

The Inspector seized Lily and took her immediately to a nearby vet.

Initial assessments found Lily was emaciated, weighing just 13.66kg, and that her coat was infested with fleas. Lily was also found to be suffering with a urinary tract infection.

On 12 April, Lily was transported to RSPCA WA’s Animal Care Centre in Malaga for further treatment and assessment. Lily was found to be approximately 23% underweight, with a body score condition of two out of nine after her initial treatment.

Vets concluded that Lily had suffered from malnutrition complicated by a significant parasite burden, subjecting her to unnecessary harm, which could have been alleviated had her owner taken reasonable steps, such as providing adequate food.

RSPCA WA Vets were thankful to have received Lily when they did, before her condition deteriorated further.

Lily’s treatment began with small, regular meals that were easy to digest so she could slowly regain weight. She also received treatment for her flea infestation, an infection in both ears and skin allergies while in RSPCA WA’s care.

Once Lily’s rehabilitation was underway, she was placed with an experienced foster carer, where she remains, having made a slow but full recovery.

Comments attributed to RSPCA WA Chief Inspector Amanda Swift:

“We’re pleased Lily’s owner has been held to account for allowing Lily to starve and suffer. She has shirked her responsibility to look after Lily and now pays a hefty price.

“Lily was particularly vulnerable as she relied solely on her owner for basic care. Her suffering was very apparent and could have easily been avoided, had her owner provided food, water and simple pest treatment for fleas, which can be easily found in any supermarket.

“If you can’t provide for your pets, seek help – don’t subject them to unnecessary harm.

“We’re thankful to the community for reporting Lily’s condition to us before it got worse. We’re so glad she’s made a full recovery and can now be rehomed with a loving family.”