Jet and Henry survived an ‘unfathomable’ act of cruelty carried out near Albany in 2019.

Henry with his new owners and Inspector SamTheir former owner – a 45-year-old Narrikup man – was found guilty of repeatedly bashing them over the head with a mallet and leaving them for dead at a tree plantation. Read more about the prosecution by RSPCA WA here.

It’s harrowing to think of what they endured, but thankfully this story has a happy ending.

As reported in The West Australian, Henry and Jet are now living their best lives, after being rehabilitated and rehomed through RSPCA WA.

Jet, now Djilba, is living with his new owners Anne and Joe in Northbridge, where he has made a full recovery as a “city dog”.

Owner Joe said Djilba had been in “doggy heaven” since they picked him up in August 2019.

“He has a pretty good life now, he’s a city dog, he sleeps on our bed, loves going for walks ... he’s a happy dog,” Joe said.

He said Djilba was physically OK despite some shoulder problems, but wary of other people and loud noises.

“We were expecting him to be a lot more fragile and nervous but he adjusted pretty quickly,” Joe said.

One hour south of Perth, Djilba’s brother Henry lives with his new family in Falcon.

Owner Libby said she was shocked to read details of what the dogs had endured.

“Henry is doing well. He’s really happy — he loves us and we love him,” she said.

Libby said her 18-year-old daughter Bella “loves him to bits”.

“His separation anxiety is extreme, which we are continuing to work on, managing it by making sure someone is home or (by taking him) with us,” Libby said.

“Henry has come such a long way since he first joined our family, we are very fortunate to have Henry and love having him around.”

It's only because of generous supporters like you that RSPCA WA can give animals like Jet and Henry a second chance at love, life and happiness. Thank you.

Jet or Djilba dog enjoying the beach  Henry with his new owner