25 July 2013

A Huntingdale woman was today found guilty of animal cruelty, in her absence, and banned for six years from owning animals and fined $5,000 for neglecting her dog. RSPCA was awarded costs of approximately $670 in relation to veterinary and associated costs.

Rani neglected in 2013Following a complaint, an Inspector found the dog, 'Rani', located in the laundry of the house in bed with three puppies feeding off her. The dog had irregular eyes and was underweight. A verbal direction was made by the Inspector for Payne to take Rani to the vet. In a follow up visit the dog had not been taken to the vet, and was surrendered to the RSPCA.

Rani was examined by an RSPCA vet and was found to have bilateral severe chronic Keratoconjunctivitis Sicco with secondary blepharitis, keratitis and corneal rupture. She had a mild infection of the left ear and there was evidence of chronic allergic skin disease. It was the opinion of the vet that her condition had been occurring for at least several months and that Rani suffered undue pain and discomfort which could have been alleviated and managed with appropriate veterinary care.

In his sentencing remarks Magistrate King said this is a "case of significant neglect of an animal, there were significant problems with the dogs eyes and ears which caused unnecessary suffering."

"Today's court result sends a strong message that if you own an animal you must take into consideration the animal's needs and that includes regular veterinary care." RSPCA CEO David van Ooran said.