25 January 2021

A 43 -year-old Armadale woman has been fined $7000 and banned from owning animals for two years after she failed to get her dogs the medical treatment they needed and ignored RSPCA WA’s directions to take them to a vet.

The Armadale Magistrates Court heard RSPCA WA received a cruelty complaint in relation to the dogs, both Shar Peis, in July last year.

When inspectors went to the address, they saw a black dog, Licorice, and her tan daughter, Jezzabelle. Both had severe hair loss and eye and ear issues.

A man at the address told inspectors 12-year-old Licorice and 8-year-old Jezzabelle belonged to his live-in carer who was away at the time.

Despite attempts to contact the owner and issuing directions notices for her to take the dogs to a vet, they didn’t receive treatment and their condition didn’t change.

RSPCA rescued Shar Pei Jezzabelle who was suffering  RSPCA rescued Shar Pei Licorice who was suffering

Inspectors seized both dogs and they are being treated extensively at the RSPCA’s Animal Care Centre in Malaga including, to date, surgery to fix dental and eye issues and remove masses, ear flushes, and medicated baths.

They are now in foster care together as their recovery continues.

RSPCA WA Inspector Manager, Kylie Green, said it can’t be underestimated just how painful and irritating skin, eye and ear conditions can be.

‘The constant feeling of itchiness and then the pain from the constant scratching is a torment,’ Kylie said.

‘Licorice and Jezzabelle would have been constantly seeking relief.

‘Coupled with their eye and ear conditions, they were living a pretty miserable existence.’

 Jezzabelle the rescued Shar Pei has received treatment for entropian  Licorice the rescued Shar Pei has had treatment for his eyes and ears

Shar Peis are prone to skin conditions given their wrinkles and may suffer from entropion which occurs when skin around the eyes rolls inward causing vision loss and irritation.

‘It is against the law to let an animal suffer harm which could be alleviated by the taking of reasonable steps—in this case by taking Licorice and Jezzabelle to a vet,’ Kylie said.

‘It’s also against the law to ignore a directions notice issued by the RSPCA under the Animal Welfare Act 2002.

‘In this instance the offender has had to pay the price for both.’

The offender has also been ordered to pay $1187.80 in compensation and costs.

‘If you are struggling to care for your pets, please reach out before they begin to suffer,’ Kylie said.

The RSPCA relies on the community to report incidents of suspected cruelty and neglect. Report cruelty 24/7 on 1300 CRUELTY (1300 278 358) or online here.