RSPCA WA Community Outreach team is charged with educating the community about better animal welfare and assisting the community to look after their pets. Volunteer roles include assisting at Community Action Days, or public speaking to deliver presentations to schools and community groups about responsible pet owners and better animal welfare.

Community Action Days

RSPCA WA Community Action Days are free events designed to help local communities who may be experiencing financial hardship and struggling to look after their pets. People are encouraged to bring their dogs along for free health checks, kindly provided by the vet nursing teaching staff and students from South Metropolitan TAFE. RSPCA WA provides free microchipping, and visitors can meet with RSPCA Inspectors, RSPCA dog trainers, and local rangers to talk about their pets.

Through these events, we aim to help people to understand the responsibilities of caring for pets and that includes providing information about common problems like fleas, worms, ticks, fly bitten ears, mange, and providing basic needs like shelter, food and water.

To make these events positive experiences for the public, we regularly call for volunteers through the Volunteer Notice Board newsletter.

How to Apply

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Volunteer Application form

Your details will be added to our volunteer database and you will receive the monthly Volunteer Notice Board e-newsletter, enabling you to sign up for volunteer opportunities that may seem interesting and fit your schedule.

We may also contact you when we need for a volunteer with your specific expertise or experience, when we have opportunities in your geographical area.

You will be able to update your contact details via a link in the monthly e-newsletter.


Become a volunteer speaker

RSPCA WA works directly with young people and community groups in Perth, delivering presentations with the aim of educating the public about animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. We have a dedicated team of volunteer speakers who deliver these presentations within their local areas and we’re currently recruiting more speakers to join the team.

If you’d like to become a volunteer speaker, the role is very flexible and provides a great opportunity to practice and enhance your public speaking skills, while sharing the story of the world’s oldest animal charity. 

Desired Attributes:
  • Experience of, and confidence in communicating with groups of people
  • Empathy towards animals and people
  • Ability and willingness to travel
  • Confidence in approaching schools, promoting the Speaker Scheme and resources
  • Good basic computer skills and the ability to use PowerPoint 
  • Willingness to obtain a Police clearance, as well as a Working with Children check

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