20 July 2021

If you met Harvey today, you would not believe that, just a few months ago, he was starving, filthy and forgotten.

How could anyone look into those sweet brown eyes day after day and deprive him of his most basic needs?

Thankfully, this story has a feelgood ending. An ending that was made possible by your generous support.

Harvey was reported to RSPCA WA back in March by a concerned member of the public.

When inspectors attended the property, they found eight-year-old Harvey very underweight, living among faeces and rubbish.  

Harvey was seized, and his owner – a 38-year-old Cooloonup man – was later convicted of animal cruelty.  Read more about the sentence here.

RSPCA WA rescued Harvey, who was emaciated  RSPCA WA rescued dog, Harvey, being admitted at RSPCA WA Animal Care Centre

Safe in care at the Animal Care Centre in Malaga, Harvey was fed frequent meals of puppy food to help him gain weight.

As his health improved, Harvey began to learn what life as a much-loved dog felt like.

He became a favourite in the office, where he spent most of his days basking in tummy scratches and treats – all while following patches of sun on the carpet.

Harvey’s ability to trust people again so quickly was incredible – as was his ability to get up to mischief when given half a chance.

He’s a cheeky boy who will provide his new owners with plenty of laughs and endless snuggles.

We’re happy to report that Harvey has gained almost a third of his body weight since coming into care.

He’s healthy, happy, and will soon be ready to find a family who will love and cherish him forever.

Harvey’s future is bright because of animal lovers like you, who donated to his rescue and rehabilitation.

Thank you! 

Harvey, an emaciated dog, has made a full recovery at RSPCA WA

Harvey, the rescued dog, with RSPCA WA Inspector  Harvey, the rescued dog, enjoying a nap and a bedtime story

Harvey showing off his gorgeous smile with RSPCA staff member Louise.