These abandoned kittens came into care in October last year. Within a few weeks it became clear they were struggling to stand and walk, so the pair – dubbed Apricot Scroll and Vegemite Scroll – were referred to an external specialist for tests and diagnosis.

Thankfully, no bone or joint abnormalities were found, and their neurological exams came back normal. It turns out they had a condition called swimmer syndrome, which was causing their back legs to splay laterally.

Early intervention is critical, so it’s very lucky these kittens came into care when they did.

Apricot Scroll and Vegemite Scroll’s rehabilitation would involve carefully wrapping their legs, to restore normal alignment, plus daily physiotherapy to help build their strength. But the good news was that with proper treatment they would make a full recovery!

RSPCA WA’s amazing Shelter Manager, Zoey, put her hand up for the job of lovingly rehabilitating these little fluff balls. And she captured some very cute footage of their progress which you can watch above.

Now back on their paws, the kittens were ready for a loving new home. After everything they’d been through, this pair shared such a special bond and we couldn’t separate them. They lucked out with new owner Jordan, who had plenty of room in her home and heart for two!

Jordan says the pair are absolutely loving life.

'We have renamed them to Bella (Vegemite Scroll) and Nala (Apricot Scroll). They are settling in very well and are always playing with their toys and constantly climbing up and down everything. Nala is loving Harry Potter at the moment, whenever we sit down to watch it, she is always close by or sitting on our laps. Bella is travelling really well, she always makes sure she is close to her sister as she tends to get a bit upset if they are apart for a small amount of time.  They are very cute and we are so happy that we got the chance to adopt them.'

Kittens sitting on a kitchen bench  Kittens sleeping cosily next to each other

If you're keen to learn more about swimmer syndrome, read this great article from The Kitten Lady.

This transformation was possible thanks to RSPCA WA's amazing donors and supporters. Thank you for making second chances possible. 

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