14 July 2022

If you could do with a feel-good boost today you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at just five of the many fur babies who found hope in RSPCA WA’s care recently.  Remember, these stories may have ended very differently if it wasn’t for your amazing support. Thank you from the animals!

1. Benny’s new chapter

Benny was surrendered in Kalgoorlie and needed to be transported back to the RSPCA Animal Care Centre in Malaga to get some treatment for his eye.

With a wiggly-waggly tail, he was very happy to see Inspector Jayde when he touched down in Perth, demanding all the butt scratches she could manage.

Three months later, Benny has received treatment for a range of medical issues, including ear infections, dental disease and arthritis. Unfortunately, his eye was damaged beyond repair and had to be removed.

Today, Benny is feeling so much better, having recovered in comfort with a loving foster family.  Now he’s ready for the next chapter with a forever home.

A huge thank you to AeroPets Animal Transport for flying Benny safely and free of charge so he could get a second chance.

                RSPCA rescue dog Benny on the couch in foster care.

2. Cheeky bounces back

Cheeky was a guard dog in his former life. Cheeky in the RSPCA vet clinic with IV drip.

You’d never know it because he has the softest, most gorgeous paw-sonality. When he was surrendered to an inspector, the poor thing had terrible vomiting and diarrhoea.

He received emergency care and then travelled to RSPCA WA’s Animal Care Centre in Malaga for further treatment. Vets took X-rays  and blood tests, but thankfully these came back clear.

Cheeky was put on a drip overnight and remained in the vet clinic for intensive care over the following days. At first, the vets couldn’t approach him. He would cower and shake with fear. But they eventually won him over with lots of roast chicken and comforting words.

We were thrilled when Cheeky started to get his strength back. Today, he’s happy, healthy and has learned a few impressive tricks to boot. If you’re interested in adopting a big-hearted boy, check him out here.

3. Kittens find a foster friend

Six kittens were sadly orphaned when their mum passed away in Kalgoorlie recently, so the owner called RSPCA WA for help.

The two males and four females were only around three weeks old, so they went into foster care locally for bottle feeding to help them grow big and strong.   

It wasn’t long before they were exploring the house, making mischief, and befriending Tia, the gentle 14-year-old Dalmatian.  

How cute are they napping together below?

Once they were old enough, the kittens – affectionately named Theo, Squidward, Sandy Cheeks, Plankton, Mrs Puff and Kirby – travelled to Perth to be sterilised and microchipped ready for adoption.

All six energetic little fluffs quickly found homes and will definitely be keeping their new owners on their toes.

          Orphaned kittens with foster sibling Tia the Dalmatian     One of the dumped kittens health and ready for adoption

4. Tux back on his paws

Tux was brought in as a stray with a nasty open wound on his leg. He was microchipped but his owners said he’d been missing for over a month and they could no longer care for him.

RSPCA WA vets gave Tux a full check-up and found his limb was permanently paralysed due to nerve damage. This meant amputation was the best option to give him a happy and healthy life.

It took over an hour for our surgeon to carefully remove Tux’s leg.

He was a trooper throughout and recovered beautifully with a heat pack, roast chicken, and lots of TLC.

Vets also put Tux on a feeding plan of high-calorie food kindly provided by Royal Canin, as he was very underweight after weeks on the streets.

You’ll be happy to hear that the handsome fellow has adjusted well to life on three paws. He’s now found a fresh start as a cherished family member.

          RSPCA vet surgeon removing Tux   

5. Grover never gave up   Grover and his personalised bandage.

Grover was one of a whopping 56 guinea pigs rescued from a single home in Perth’s north earlier this year.

He was in poor condition when he arrived, with sores all over his back and a bad case of conjunctivitis.

The vet team carefully clipped and cleaned his wounds, treated his eyes and gave him antibiotics to curb infection.  Over the coming weeks, Grover’s wounds were cleaned, stitched and checked regularly. We’re pretty sure the personalised bandage helped keep his spirits up too.

Three months, 29 vet checks, three surgeries, and countless dressing changes later, Grover was finally ready for his fresh start. We’re happy to report that he was recently adopted into a wonderful new home.

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