Walking dogs on hot pavement, including on footpaths, roads and beach sand, is one of the most common heat-related welfare reports we receive each summer. 

Walking your dog on a hot day can cause pain, discomfort and even burns. 

According to a University of California study, when the air temperature above asphalt is 25 degrees, the actual road surface is as hot as 40 degrees.

Dog's paws are made of skin and can be just as sensitive as the bottom of our own feet.

This summer we have teamed up with the WA Local Government Authority to help protect dogs. We are asking you to protect your hound, check the ground.

If you can’t hold your hand on the ground comfortably for a full five seconds, it’s too hot for a dog’s sensitive paws and may cause injury.

We have created a suite of assets including social media tiles, decals for pavement, posters and outdoor signage that can be used by local government authorities to help protect dogs. Each of the assets can be co-branded with the local government authority choosing to use the assets.

If you would like to request access to the assets, please do so below and we will be in touch with the design files and asset guide as quickly as possible.

Request Dogs on Hot Pavement assets