RSPCA does not support greyhound racing due to numerous animal welfare concerns with the industry.

What are the animal welfare issues with the greyhound racing industry?

Welfare issues with greyhound racing include overbreeding, injuries to dogs, live baiting, poor housing and high euthanasia rates of spent greyhounds.

A Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds report suggests that the Cannington track in WA ranked second worst in the country for injuries and equal fifth for deaths in 2021.


What is the RSPCA doing about greyhound racing?

RSPCA WA does not support greyhound racing due to the numerous animal welfare issues associated with the sport. As a minimum, the following steps should be taken for greyhound racing to continue.

  1. An effective national identification and traceability system for all greyhounds to account for every greyhound born throughout its lifespan.
  2. Robust and transparent reporting systems to ensure accurate data capture (remove the reliance on self-reporting)
  3. Mandatory collection and publication of birth, death and injury data
  4. Independent funding for animal welfare checks and enforcement
  5. Increased checks for use of banned substances and enforcement of strong penalties
  6. Independent oversight and regulation of greyhound racing, separate from commercial operations
  7. Compulsory and enforceable animal welfare standards for greyhounds at all life stages to ensure good quality of life
  8. Formal and effective processes to address oversupply and wastage of greyhounds
  9. Third party adoptions of retired greyhounds should be verified
  10. Improvements to racetrack safety and access to adequate treatment and rehabilitation
  11. Continued investigations and surveillance for live baiting, and enforcement of strong penalties for animal welfare offences
  12. Greyhounds should not be exported to other countries for racing.

You can find more detailed information about RSPCA’s position and policy on greyhound racing on RSPCA Australia’s Knowledge Base.  

What can I do to help greyhounds?

A recent e-Petition to bring an end to greyhound racing in Western Australia has just closed. The e-petition was an initiative of Free the Hounds, and was backed by the Hon. Dr Brad Pettit MLC.

You can still contact your local MP to ask for their support to bring an end to greyhound racing in Western Australia. You will find their details here.

What did the e-Petition to protect greyhounds call for?

The e-Petition calls on the Members of the Legislative Council of the Parliament of Western Australia to:

  • release greyhound racing from the sale of the TAB,
  • ban greyhound racing in Western Australia,
  • allow a two-year phase out of the industry,
  • assist industry participants to re-skill,
  • rehome all greyhounds, and
  • approve four breeders to continue as registered breeders of greyhounds as pets only. 

How can I adopt a retired greyhound?

There are a number of organisations that arrange adoption of retired greyhounds into suitable homes.

Greyhound Adoptions WA 

Greyhound Angels of WA 

Greyhounds as Pets 

You'll find more useful information about what to consider when adopting a greyhound here.