Reducing the stress of painful procedures in livestock

Painful procedures are becoming easier to bear for livestock, with farmers embracing new pain killing innovations. Read more

RSPCA Approved chicken now found under the Golden Arches

McDonald's has committed to using RSPCA Approved chicken only, right around Australia. The RSPCA says the move will have a profound impact on the lives of millions of Australian meat chickens every year. Read more

Rapid spread of potentially deadly disease

Ehrlichiosis was first detected in dogs in Australia last year. Now the disease is prompting warnings from governments and veterinary professionals. Read more

What is the future of live exports?

With falling export numbers and massive government fees on the horizon, is it time to look at the chilled and frozen export industry a little more closely as an alternative to live export? Read more

Taste test

According to Deloitte Access Economics, the Australian plant-based protein market could generate $3 billion in retail sales by 2030 and employ 6000 people. But do the products pass the taste test? Read more

Another live export blow...

The RSPCA has expressed disappointment at Agriculture Minister David Littleproud’s last minute intervention on behalf of the live export industry, to block improvements in live cattle exports. Read more

Feral animal control: Are all animals created equal?

October saw two feral hunters in the South West fined after being charged by WA Police with animal cruelty. RSPCA WA’s Animal Welfare Policy Officer, Dr Michael Paton, explores attitudes towards pest control. Read more

Preparing for animal welfare in emergencies

As we head into the bushfire and cyclone season in Western Australia, it’s important to have a plan of action for how you will keep your livestock safe. Read more

First WA shearing shed built to new design standards now in operation

With shearing starting just a day after competition, it’s all go in a new shearing shed in the State’s south, designed with workers, sheep and profits in mind. Read more

Industry association announces welfare-forward shade initiative

RSPCA WA has welcomed an industry-leading initiative to provide all feedlot cattle with access to shade. Read more