Organisations unite to end mulesing

Three leading animal welfare organisations have announced a partnership to work towards an end to mulesing across Australia. Read more

Calf roping condemned

The RSPCA is reminding the community about one of the most cruel and frightening rodeo events; calf roping. Read more

The heat is on for live export sheep

Many in the live export industry believe the moratorium imposed following the Awassi Express live sheep export animal welfare disaster should be shortened. Read more

It’s a deal—Australia-UK free trade agreement

While farmers stand to benefit from the removal of tariffs under the new Australia-UK trade deal, has the opportunity to improve animal welfare been ignored? Read more

WA's tough border stance—it's impact on animals

A Kimberley vet claims WA's COVID-19 border policy has had a negative impact on cattle in the top end. Read more

Flystrike vaccine on the way

Flystrike is a risk to Australian sheep costing up to $170 million each year, but a vaccine would be a game changer for farmers around the country. Read more

Federal grants to help control feral animals

Western Australia will receive more than $445,000 to help improve the management of feral pigs and wild dogs. Read more

Live export

Livestock carrier Al Messilah, carrying 58,000 sheep, became the first live sheep ship to leave WA in more than three months, following the prohibited Northern Summer period. Read more

Bye bye battery cages

Right now, over 10 million Aussie hens are suffering in barren battery cages. It’s arguably the worst animal welfare issue in Australia. Read more

Collie horse cruelty

A 30-year-old Collie woman has pleaded guilty to cruelty to two horses found in poor condition on her property in 2019. Read more

Meat chicken research

A new study has been released showing the associations between behaviour and health outcomes in conventional and slow-growing breeds of meat chickens. Read more

UK animal welfare reforms

What does the UK's proposed ban on live export mean for trade deal talks between the UK and Australia? Read more