Loopy, small white dog with burns to his faceLittle Loopy didn’t know his life would change so much when the Inspector arrived. He didn’t know he’d finally get the medical treatment he desperately needed.

He was frightened and in pain. But deep down, we think he knew he’d now be OK.

Every day, RSPCA Inspectors are called on to save animals. In 2020, RSPCA WA investigated over 6,600 welfare reports. Thousands of animals who needed help. Over 6,600 investigations that you made possible.

Thankfully, many animals receive help before there even is a problem. With a little advice and guidance for the owner on proper animal care, Inspectors can prevent an animal from experiencing pain or suffering.

Other calls, like Loopy’s, come only after an animal has suffered. Who knows what they’ve had to endure? But thanks to people like you, animals like Loopy are rescued. Thanks to you, they'll get the medical treatment, care and love they desperately need.

We want to make sure that animals all over WA can continue to rely on that care.

You have an amazing opportunity to rescue and rehabilitate animals like Loopy, one broken soul at a time. One by one, you can make a difference for so many animals suffering from cruelty and neglect all over WA.

LoopyLoopy's story is heart breaking.

We received a cruelty report about a dog in a northern suburb of Perth. A neighbour heard him yelping in pain and feared the worst so they called the RSPCA for help. That’s where the inspector found Loopy.

Little Loopy’s face was badly burnt. He had an open wound around his nose and across the top of his head. His eyes were puffy and swollen. His left eye looked infected and the inspector could see some pus seeping out.

Loopy’s owner told us that the whimpering cries the neighbour heard were from him trying to get under the fence. But his injuries told a different story.

We wanted to show you just how serious Loopy’s burn was, but we didn’t want to upset you. That’s why the picture is black and white. You can still tell how painful this must have been for Loopy to endure.

Loopy’s owners admitted they couldn’t afford vet treatment for him. They had noticed his injury the day before the inspector arrived. They said it might be a chemical burn from spraying insecticide a few days earlier.

The inspector checked the yard where Loopy had been kept. There were no signs of fire or blood. After explaining how important it was that Loopy see a vet, the owners surrendered him to the inspector.

Loopy’s life changed forever at that moment. The inspector brought him to the RSPCA Animal Care Centre in Malaga. He would now get the medical treatment he desperately needed.

RSPCA vet Rachel recalls examining Loopy for the first time:

Loopy was so quiet when he first arrived. We gently tried to check on his condition – he flinched whenever we tried to check the wounds on his head and around his eyes.

He also couldn’t stand on his own. I was worried there were more problems that we didn’t know about. Had his owners told us everything?

The best thing I could do was to provide pain relief and then refer him to a specialist vet hospital in Osborne Park. Loopy would get a thorough medical exam and x-rays. And someone would be there to observe him around the clock if his condition changed.

We also took some blood samples and sent them to a pathology lab in Belmont. This would let us know if Loopy was suffering from any medical issues.

I’m so grateful to our supporters who make it possible for each animal like Loopy to get the specialist care and treatment then need.

Loopy spent two nights at the specialist vet hospital, where the vets confirmed his wound could have been a chemical burn.

LoopyThey cleaned his burn with saline, and gave him painkillers and some anti-inflammatories. His blood test showed that he was iron deficient, so he was given an iron supplement.

Loopy was also given antibiotics to keep infection at bay – something that is so important with open burn wounds.

In just a few days, Loopy started to come out of his shell. He regained his appetite and was a little more energetic.

When he was taken off his IV drip, Loopy came back to the RSPCA Animal Care Centre in Malaga to continue his treatment.

Thanks to support from people like you, Loopy got the critical medical treatment he needed in these first few days. He would be given the best chance of making a good recovery.

The RSPCA vets and vet nurses continued to keep a close eye on Loopy. Any change in his condition or behaviour was noted. He was growing stronger every day – you made that possible.

Loopy’s dressings were checked daily and changed regularly. He was given painkillers, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications, but needed less and less as the days went by. The vets even applied Manuka honey to his burn wound to help it heal.

No matter what it costs we will do what it takes to make sure every animal in our care receives the medical attention they need.

medical report of LoopyLoopy’s treatment and care cost over $6,500 alone. Click on the report on the left to see just how much treatment he needed. Loopy is just one animal who needed help.

It’s only thanks to generous donations from people like you that Loopy was able to get this level of specialist care and attention. You can donate today to help the next animal receive the specialist treatment they need too.

And when you make a donation, your gift stays in Western Australia, helping more animals in need in our State.

Loopy’s burns were healing well. But he had some other medical issues that needed to be addressed. During his regular check-ups every few days, the vets noticed he needed some dental work done so that he could eat properly.

Loopy, small white dog, on the operating tableHe also seemed to have pain in his right hind leg.

Loopy’s x-rays revealed that he would need orthopaedic surgery on his leg to correct a luxating patella. This is a common condition in small dogs, and the RSPCA vets could perform this at the vet clinic in Malaga using specialist orthopaedic surgical equipment.

But this would also mean more pain medication, antibiotics and lots of bed rest. With pins in his leg to keep it in place, Loopy went to stay with Carla, an experienced local foster carer, where he could recover in comfort. She has looked after over 100 animals recovering from cruelty and neglect. Only an experienced foster carer like her would be able to provide the level of care he needed.

Your donation means that foster carers have everything they need to give dogs like Loopy the best shot at recovery.

You help to provide comfortable bedding, food bowls and enrichment toys for these animals. And you help to provide regular medical check-ups for every animal recovering from surgery so that they can have a second chance at a happy life.

For Loopy, this level of specialist medical treatment and care was vital for him to recover. His visit to the vet hospital, his multiple medications, his orthopaedic surgery and foster care all cost money.

Thanks to people like you, Loopy got exactly what he needed.

The most important thing that you provide is a second chance at happiness.

We know there are more animals out there, just like Loopy. Animals who are waiting to be rescued. Waiting to get the medical treatment they need. Desperately waiting for the cruelty and neglect to stop. Please, help us put an end to it.

Please consider helping more animals like Loopy get the vital medical treatment and loving care they need.

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