16 June 2023

RSPCA WA hosted its first ever Vaccination Drive last month, with 77 free jabs given to pets in need.

Across two events, dog and cat owners were able access the free injections, plus a booster shot, to protect their furry friends against serious and sometimes life-threatening diseases, such as parvovirus and cat flu.


RSPCA WA Community Outreach Officer Ellie Sutherland said the drive aimed to help pensioners and concession cardholders who were struggling to make ends meet.

‘We are hearing that pet owners are being hit hard by cost-of-living pressures at the moment,’ she said.

‘There is an increasing need for this type of practical support to help keep pets and owners together for the benefit of both.   

‘We’re so grateful to Petbarn Foundation for providing the funding to make this possible. 

‘The dogs and cats who were vaccinated as part of the drive might have otherwise gone unprotected from deadly illness.

‘These free vaccinations have had an immediate positive impact on owners and their pets, plus we’ve prevented potential animal welfare issues in the future.’

Ms Sutherland thanked volunteers and vet staff for supporting the event.


The 77 free vaccinations included some animals receiving the required booster shot.

Any future Vaccination Drives will be listed on RSPCA WA’s website under the events tab.  

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This RSPCA WA Vaccination Drive was possible
thanks to support from Petbarn Foundation