How to teach kids to play with pets safely

Pets can be an amazing addition to the family, teaching kids responsibility and bringing a warm, fuzzy friend to the house. However, teaching kids how to behave and interact with pets is extremely important. Read more

How to prepare your dog for a day in the pool!

Hot weather is the perfect time for you and your pooch to go for a dip to cool off. Swimming can be a great low-impact exercise for dogs that’s good for circulation, weight management, and relaxing muscles. Read more

RSPCA WA warns Easter treats can be toxic to pets

RSPCA WA is reminding pet owners that, while tasty for us, Easter treats like chocolate and hot cross buns can be toxic to our furry friends. Read more

Why using a lick mat can be beneficial for your pet

For many of our furry friends feeding time is the most anticipated part of their day. With the scuffling of bowls and cracking open of tins coaxing them out of whatever mischief they’re in, for a lot of our pets, dinner time could not come faster. Read more

Help your dog with skin issues between vet visits

One of the most common welfare issues RSPCA WA comes across is dogs and cats with unmanaged skin issues. Read more

Animal Shelter FYIs

Like any workplace, after a while we see the same themes come up in face-to-face conversations with clients and in comments on our social media pages. So – we thought we’d do a bit of an FYI list to help with some of the most common questions and misconceptions. Read more

Why enrichment is so im-paw-tant

One of the most important aspects of dog care is being able to incorporate enrichment into your furry friend’s daily life. Read more

Tricks of the trimming trade—how you can make nail trimming a paw-sitive experience

Trying to trim your dog’s nails can be a tricky venture, even when treats are involved. Here's some handy tips to keep in mind! Read more

Here are some sizzling tips to keep things toasty for your pets during winter

It is very important that we keep our beloved pets safe from the incoming cooler weather, so here are some tips and information to make sure your pets are kept warm. Read more

Long, warm sunny days—a sure sign kittens are on the way!

The warm weather change sparks the beginning of cat breeding season. During kitten season, animal shelters overflow with many homeless kittens needing a fur-ever home. We’ve gathered some information to help you navigate this annual event, and what you can do to help RSPCA WA with the kittens coming into our care. Read more

Things that go bang in the night

Do you have a petrified pooch, a skittish horse or even a scaredy cat that hates fireworks? New Year's Eve fireworks can be the scariest time for WA pets, with many left trembling. Here are some tips to keep pets safe and comfortable during the New Year celebrations. Read more