Want to make your dog’s day this Christmas? Or share a special festive meow-ment with your cat? The holidays are a great time to have fun with your pets, and while parties, noise and new people can overwhelm some fur friends, there are lots of other fun ways to bank quality time with your pet leading up to the big day. 


Snap a holiday paw-trait

Have some fun setting up a festive portrait. Whether you go low-key with a cute snap on the couch, or all-out with a carefully curated backdrop, there’s no such thing as too many pet pics.

To keep your furry, feathered or scaly mate in a cooperative mood, set up in a place where they feel safe, and make the scene as comfy as possible. Practice your poses, using treats and toys to lure and reward their hard work. We’d advise against dressing your pets up in an outfit, as most are not super comfortable with this. If you do go down this route, keep it super simple, such as a doggy bandana, and watch for signs of stress, like retreating, excessive yawning or lip-licking in dogs. 


Bake some festive treats

Whether it’s pet-friendly gingerbread or Christmas-themed dog bickies, a baking session in the kitchen where you can both lick the bowl makes for great quality time with your fur friend.

There’s a host of recipes online to suit any level of baking prowess. Here's a few of our favourites:

Bone-appetite!Blue Heeler dog with Christmas stocking in his mouth

Stuff a stocking

If you’re in the mood to really pamper your pet, hang a stocking stuffed full of their favourite things. Sure, your cat will probably like the gift box more than their actual gift, but you’ll be guaranteed a dose of cheer watching them tear into their holiday haul on Christmas morning. Enrichment toys like Kongs, LickiMats or snuffle mats are great for dogs, and cats may love interactive toys, cat nip or puzzle feeders.


Help them stress less

A house full of guests and noise on Christmas Day can be stressful for the best of us, so just imagine what the day is like for your pet! If you’re hosting, exercise pets before your guests arrive to help them de-stress, and make sure you set up a safe, quite place for them to retreat away from the party.


And for the animal lover in your life

Two kittens inside a crateGot a family member who loves dogs more than people? Here’s some gift ideas that will put a smile on their dial while also helping furry friends! 

  • A day off from the kids with tickets to RSPCA's School Holiday Program
  • A delicious mixed box of RSPCA wine, complete with cute animal pictures and feel-good rescue tails 
  • An Entertainment Book membership packed with deals and discounts for Perth and the South West
  • A copy of RSPCA Junior Ambassador Dean Morris's new book, which tells his story and includes handy hints for young people looking to help animals