Q&A with Jessica

Why were you nominated to be an RSPCA Junior Ambassador?

I was nominated because I love animals and spend lots of my free time helping at the rescue on our property, Emerald Acres.  Becoming a Junior Ambassador was an opportunity to help more animals and get people motivated to help rescue animals.

What do you love about helping animals?

When you can rehome them and see them go from a bad situation, like being sick, and then they can go off and spend their life in a better environment or with wild animals they can go free.

What types of animals have you helped?

I have helped all sorts of animals like our beautiful wildlife – kangaroos, magpies, galahs, bobtails and more.  I also have taken in farm animals like sheep, goats, horse and cows. Also, I have collected abandoned kittens and worked with them to get them feeling safe with humans.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Up at dawn to feed everyone. At the moment we have goats, sheep, birds and horses. They get their breakfast and fresh water. The horses are turned out into the paddock for the day. After school I go to work on a farm helping with their animals to raise money for the care of ours. Just before dinner I prepare their dinner and again make sure they have fresh water. The ones who are on medication I ensure this is given as well. Then my dinner, then homework ☹. When we have baby animals I prepare their bottles, or special feed if it is wildlife, and set up Dad for the day so he knows what to do while I am at school.

Do you have a favourite rescue story?

Leonard was a sheep we had rescued through a friend in Boddington, he was very sick and had been found next to his Mum who had been deceased for days. He was lethargic and couldn’t walk without assistance. Mum drove me to the vets with him and they suggested that he should be euthanised but I wanted to give him a chance. I paid for the vet to give him fluids through a syringe and he slept next to the fire for weeks. I camped out in the loungeroom to make sure he was safe and had his meals during the night. It was a tiring few weeks but Leonard is now having a ball living on a farm with other sheep.

Have you had any challenging moments helping animals?

The hardest challenge I face is making the decision to euthanise when quality of life would be poor. We had a joey who developed cataracts and unfortunately it meant he would be permanently blind. We had to realise that he would never be able to be released and he would have no quality of life. It was a very sad day.

What’s the best thing about being a Junior Ambassador?

Meeting other like-minded young people, and the opportunity to make a bigger difference. It helps people take what I love seriously.

In your role as an RSPCA Junior Ambassador, how do you educate others about correct animal care?

I fundraise at markets, and use this opportunity to educate people about animal care. I’m always looking for interesting ways to educate my peers too. For example, we had a rooster at school who was injured and I raised awareness of this and I took him home and nursed him back to health for six weeks. During this time, we discussed at school what is required when raising chickens and it helped educate everyone. Last year I won the Junior Citizenship School Award for my care and education of animal welfare.

What are you working on now?

I am currently looking at finding homes for our successful rescues to allow for more animals to be cared for. I continue helping to sell crafts and fruit products, and helping host events, to fundraise for Emerald Acres.

Do you have any pets of your own?

I have a horse called Dusty and a dog called Jax.

What study/job do you want to do after you finish school?

I admire the work done by the RSPCA Inspectors and would love to do that when I am older.

RSPCA WA Junior Ambassador Jessica Harry with some of her animals


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