Mikayla's menagerie

Mikayla's love of birds began when she was just 11 years old. She had two patio cages—one with two budgies, and the other with two hand-tame weiros. While selling her toys on Gumtree, Mikayla noticed a lot of people trying to get rid of their birds, and she decided she needed to help.

This is where she got the idea of setting up her own bird rescue, resQbirds. She advertised that she was willing to take in birds whose owners could no longer care for them. Along the way, she's met some lovely people with happy and some sad stories. Mikayla is able to reassure everyone that their bird will be well-looked after. And well loved. And if the rescued birds don't settle well with the other birds, Mikayla will strive to find them suitable, loving homes with other people.

Mikayla understands that she's not collecting pretty birds to look at. She's ensuring that every bird has a life full of attention and enrichment.

Mikayla now has two large flight aviaries. One is divided into five sections, and the other larger one has two section for larger birds. Her flock consists of budgies, quail, weiros, alexandrine, eclectus, galah, ring-neck, Major Mitchell, rainbow lorikeet and scaly lorikeet. (That's not including the dog, Siamese fighting fish, guinea pig, rabbit and pond fish!).

Mikayla has really expanded her resQbirds business. She has a dedicated room in the house with all her bird supplies, including cupboards and shelves for food and medicines, a fridge, a microwave, and an incubator. Everything is in one place to help young and injured birds. She also has nursery cages where sick and injured birds can recover.

To help fund her business, Mikayla designs and makes her own bird stands, toys and aviary furniture. The "Designed by Nature" range is more natural looking, made of branches and sticks, and is a pleasant alternative to store-bought metal perches. Proceeds from the sale of these items, as well as pet-sitting fees, help Mikayla to care for her birds.

RSPCA WA Junior Ambassador Mikayla Evans with WA Minister for Agriculture Alannah MacTiernanMeeting the Minister

In 2020, Mikayla wrote to the WA Minister for Agriculture, Alannah MacTiernan, to highlight some of the animal welfare issues that she thought needed to be addressed, including animal sentience, and better powers for RSPCA Inspectors to enter premises, and to issue infringement notices. Mikayla also talked about recently introduced laws around the requirement to hand in baby lorikeets and wild birds within 72 hours. The meeting was a great success and was followed up when the Minister visited Mikayla's house to check out the resQbirds operation.


Q&A with Mikayla

What school do you attend? How old are you?

I attend Carine Senior High school, and I am 14 years old.

    When did you become an RSPCA Junior Ambassador?

    I became an RSPCA Junior Ambassador in February 2020.

    What do you love about helping animals?

    I love being able to give animals a second chance in life and I love seeing them grow and come out of their ‘shell’.

    What types of animals have you helped?

    I mainly help birds, but by supporting RSPCA, I'm also helping all the animals in their care, through fundraising.

    What’s the best thing about being a Junior Ambassador?

    Having the ability to educate others about animal welfare.

    Do you have a favourite RSPCA event to volunteer, fundraise for or be involved with?

    I enjoy cupcake day because the whole community can be involved in making sweet treats and donating towards the RSPCA and their cause.

    In your role as an RSPCA Junior Ambassador, how do you educate others about correct animal care?

    I help others understand their animals better through fundraising and events and by talking to my teachers and peers.

    What are you working on now?

    I am currently Redesigning and refocusing my website and business plan to put emphasis on rehoming birds and educating people about bird welfare.

    Do you have any pets of your own?

    In addition to the two aviaries full of birds, I have fish, a rabbit, a guinea pig and a dog,

    What do you want to do after you finish school?

    I want to study wildlife and conservation or marine biology and conservation, so that I can become a wildlife officer. I want to do fieldwork in the ocean and in the wildlife sector

    Where can we find out more about your business?

    Visit my website at www.resqbirds.com.au, or follow me on Instagram - @resqbirds and TikTok - @resqbirds

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