For an amazing animal who has changed lives for the better.

This award is proudly sponsored by Tinkerbelle, a very generous meow who is always willing to lend a helping paw to other animals in need. With support from her human mum, Jennifer, and 100 St Georges Terrace, Tinks is thrilled to join RSPCA WA in celebrating some fur-nominal furry friends making change in their communities.

Tinkerbelle and 100 St Georges Terrace logo sponsoring the RSPCA WA Animal Award

Barney (Gold)

Barney joined Claremont Therapeutic Riding Centre in 2017. This calm and trustworthy ex-police horse is strong enough to carry a variety of riders and quiet enough for beginners. He immediately knows what kind of rider is on him and what he needs to do. He has given toddlers, kids, adults, seniors, wheelchair users, people with other mobility aids and prosthetics, the terminally ill and many others the liberation and therapeutic benefits of horse riding. Barney also takes Special Olympics riders to various competitions, taking part in dressage and other events. 

Jimbo (Gold)

Jimbo the rescue dog was found wandering the streets of Perth in the middle of winter, skinny and in poor health. Fast forward and Jimbo is now changing young lives at the Banksia Hill Detention Centre. Along with his adopted owner and youth mentor Natalie, Jimbo visits the young people, bringing a calming energy that makes them more comfortable to open up and talk about their feelings. Jimbo plays, gives wet kisses, runs, cuddles and calms with results Natalie describes as ‘outstanding’. 

Bill, Leo and Ria (Silver)

These three furry companions offer their support to students who present to UWA’s The Living Room (TLR), a student-focused space promoting wellbeing. Bill, Leo and Ria have been part of TLR since its inception in 2020, helping over 3000 students in that time. Bill Leo and Ria attract a crowd wherever they go on campus, and students who spend time with the dogs say they play a significant role in decreasing their stress and anxiety and they always leave feeling so much happier than before. 

Chaya (Silver)

Chaya is an equine assisted therapy horse who has an extraordinary capacity to connect with people on a profound level. She shows a deep understanding of human emotions, comforting those who are sad and offering companionship to the lonely. Despite (or maybe because of) her own tough journey involving neglect and major health issues such as Cushings disease and laminitis, her commitment to others remains undeterred. Chaya exemplifies the healing and transformative potential of animal-human connections.

Chief (Silver)

Chief is one busy Busselton pooch! He spreads joy through his weekend nursing home visits, supports students across the spectrum as a wellness therapy dog at Mary MacKillop College during the week, and on Friday nights becomes a street chaplain dog, offering care and attentive listening to those in need. Chief also plays a role at the Leavers’ Zone in Dunsborough, helping in the chillout and medical tents run by Hope Community Services. His calming presence benefits distressed young leavers, helping them navigate emotional challenges caused by drugs and alcohol.

Lily (Silver)

Lily plays a very important role in the Canteen WA office, supporting young people who are impacted by cancer. Lily makes the perfect office dog as she waits patiently on her bed for anyone who needs her. Her calm personality means that even those who are nervous around dogs enjoy her company and many young people book their counselling sessions specifically on Lily’s office days. Lily also attends Canteen programs, helping break the ice for parents and young people, making them more comfortable.  

Holly (Bronze)

Holly the greyhound works as a therapy dog at Woodvale Secondary College and has played a crucial role in helping children cope with a variety of challenges including stress, anxiety, social isolation, and emotional regulation. She has made a difference by listening to students read, attending class to help with anxiety and motivating many students to maintain attendance. Holly also works as a greyhound ambassador, attending markets and events to represent Greyhound Angels and promote greyhound adoption.

Ruby (Bronze)

Ruby serves as a therapy dog for children and adults with complex special needs. She offers support and comfort through playing football, cuddling, and swimming. Her nurturing and loving demeanour makes her a cherished friend and supporter for children - she brings joy and creates a calming influence encouraging them to engage. Ruby has the innate ability to understand and adapt to children’s needs, whether it be through relaxing companionship or energetic play. Her impact on their lives is remarkable.

Nitro (Bronze)

Nitro is a rescue dog who has spent most of her life working with people with a disability, most notably children who have complex physical impairments and foster children with varying traumas. Unfortunately, Nitro has had a decline in health, suffering from arthritis in her legs and partial loss of vision in both eyes. Nitro continues supporting all kinds of people with the help of her travel wagon and special doggles. Earlier this year a book about her adventures and helping paw was published.


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