For a display of true bravery in rescuing an animal.

Constable John Pomroy (Gold)

In August 2022, Constable Pomroy from Northam police responded to a call from a member of the public advising that a vehicle had succumbed to flood waters. The 80-year-old driver of the submerged car managed to exit his vehicle and get to safety, however his beloved bull mastiff Max remained trapped inside. Constable Pomroy was worried the flood waters would carry the car away and Max with it. With the water rising and no time to dwell on the decision, Constable Pomroy and a fellow officer braved the water to rescue Max who was reluctant to exit the vehicle on his own and had to be lifted out of the car and carried to safety. 

Bullsbrook VFES Brigade (Bronze)

In March 2023, Bullsbrook Volunteer Fire and Emergency Service Brigade responded to an animal rescue call at a property. They successfully rescued a small horse that had fallen into a concrete pipe filled with water, by carefully digging the ground around it and pulling the horse to safety. BVFES is dedicated to keeping the community safe from various hazards and has previously rescued animals, including horses, cats and newborn puppies, from different situations.

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