For a young person devoted to improving the lives of animals.

Scarlett Jurey (Silver)

After Scarlett sat down and interviewed Inspector Kylie for a school project and learned all about animal welfare, she decided she wanted to fundraise to help the animals at RSPCA WA. With the support of her mum and teachers, she set up a fundraising page and a school afternoon tea where she raised over $1000 along with several items for RSPCA WA’s shelter animals. Scarlett has decided that she would like to be a vet with the RSPCA one day. 

Mitchell and Libby Wood (Silver)

Mitchell and Libby dedicate their Saturday mornings to volunteering at the 6053 Pantry; a volunteer-run food pantry, making food and toiletries available for those in need. The dynamic brother and sister duo identified that those who cannot afford food for themselves were unlikely to be able to afford food for their pets, so they took on extra chores and used that pocket money to buy pet food for the pantry. 

Lewin Rayner (Silver)

Lewin raised $440 for RSPCA WA over the summer, collecting his family’s homegrown passionfruit and selling it for $2 a bag. When his primary school held a “Hero Hunters” Day, where students dress as their hero, he went as an RSPCA vet. Lewin has visited the RSPCA WA shelter and said it encouraged him to follow his passion for animal welfare, and he is keen to work in a role where he can make a huge difference to the lives of animals in need. 

Abigail Lacey Westbrook (Bronze)

Abigail dedicates her time to fostering animals who have had a history of abuse and trauma. Despite her young age she has demonstrated the unique gift for making animals feel safe and loved. Although Abigail has trouble connecting with peers due to her autism, her patient and nurturing presence has remarkably transformed the lives of many of her foster dogs. Her gentleness, compassion and dedication as an animal foster carer makes her truly inspiring.

Summer Otte (Bronze)

Summer is a compassionate little girl who is determined to make a difference in the lives of animals. Along with her four-year-old sister Gracie, Summer raised $90 to spend on pet supplies by setting up and running a lemonade stand. The sisters purchased blankets, treats, and toys and delivered them to the Cat Haven. Summer wants to continue making a difference in the future by becoming a zookeeper. 

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