Recognising an individual or group working hard to improve animal welfare in Western Australia.

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Perth Street Vets (Gold)

Perth Street Vets work with pets belonging to those who are experiencing, or are at risk of, homelessness. They provide free monthly veterinary clinics and remove the barriers faced by people experiencing homelessness in caring for their animals – not only financial barriers, but access to facilities as well as transportation. They can arrange pet taxis or have the specialist come to the owner. PVS liaises with social workers when needed to help extend care to the whole family unit and ensure owners can administer any treatments prescribed to the pet.

Animal Rescue Cooperative (Gold)

ARC is a registered charity providing food and support to rescue organisations and community groups caring for animals. ARC delivers supplies to those in need and can be found at the forefront of emergency response efforts, helping pets and wildlife impacted by floods and bushfires. ARC also runs the Animal Rescue Cooperative Guild with volunteers creating craft products for animals in need such as joey pouches and crotched nests. ARC is also partnered with Paws and Recover to help find foster homes for animals who have become homeless or have been caught up in family and domestic violence.

Scent to Rescue (Silver)

Lynda’s part-time hobby of making and selling candles has raised over $150,000 for animal welfare charities across Perth over the past nine years. Despite working full time, Lynda attends markets and other events to sell her candles, with 100 per cent of the profits going to charity. Lynda also donates her candles for hampers, raffles and other fundraisers being run by animal rescue groups.

BARRC (Silver)

Bunbury Animal Rescue Rehome Care Inc (BARRC) is a volunteer-run organisation providing emergency kenneling, fostering, adoption, and dog rescue services across the South West and Great Southern. In 2022, BARRC identified a need for a free dog sterilisation service in low socioeconomic areas in the regions. Attracting funding partners Savourlife and Pet Barn, they ran the program from February to June this year, sterilising and microchipping 50 dogs. 

Wild Life West Inc (Silver)

Wild Life West Inc rescues, rehabilitates and releases wildlife in the remote Fitzroy Valley region. Despite considerable damage to their sanctuary during the Fitzroy River floods early this year, the volunteers did not waver in their commitment and dedication to wildlife survival. Wild Life West provided a critical lifeline during the floods, giving numerous animals a safe space for recovery and rehabilitation. 

Everything Horses Ltd (Bronze)

Everything Horses is a horse and brumby rescue and rehabilitation organisation. Founder Dale practices physio, massage, and other natural remedies on the horses, many of whom had been given up on, to give them the best chance of recovery and a new home. Everything Horses also works with community groups and members of the public, allowing them to interact and better understand horses.

Guinea Pig Haven (Bronze)

Guinea Pig Haven is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to rehabilitating and rehoming abandoned, neglected, and surrendered guinea pigs. They coordinate a team of foster carers who look after the piggies until suitable forever homes can be found. In addition, Guinea Pig Haven is passionate about educating the community on responsible guinea pig care and ownership.

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